Summer Practice Club

Learn how to “practice with a purpose”. Be part of a friendly group of golfers, who get together to improve their games and enjoy the great sport of golf.

Practice sessions are supervised by Jim Yuhas, PGA KA Director of Instruction,  are all open to both women and men. There is no sign-up sheet, once you are signed up—come to as many sessions as you like! Who can pass up a bargain like that?

Summer Practice Club will start in early May and runs into mid – September

Cost: $250

To sign up, call Miles of Golf at 734-973-9004 or email Jim Yuhas, PGA at:


  • $250 per person for the Summer sessions
  • 4 sessions a week to choose from, both daytime and evening
  • Discounted Private Lesson Rates – $70 per hour with Practice Club Coaches
  • During Practice Club sessions Range balls are 50% discount
  • Free Cluboratory pass
  • A discounted “Buy Night” around the Holidays
  • Golf scrambles and playing sessions during Summer session
  • Pre-payment of membership is required



BEGINNER CLASS, LEVEL 1:   Includes 5 one hour sessions meeting once a week for five weeks. Classes cover introduction to golf etiquette, basic fundamentals of full swing, short game, and the rules of golf needed to start playing the game. This is a great introduction to a game you can play for a lifetime. Parents with children are welcome.

Cost: $125 per student and includes a $24 range ball debit card as a gift upon completion of the Class.

BEGINNER CLASS, LEVEL 2:  Includes 5 one hour sessions meeting once a week for five weeks. Class covers in greater detail full swing and short game skills with more personal attention. This is an ideal transition from the beginner class to help a player gain the confidence needed to play on the Course.

Cost: $125 per student (maximum eight students)

Sign up by contacting Miles of Golf at 734-973-9004 and asking for Beginner Classes

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