I am excited to let you know about a new Program designed for those, who for them, game improvement is more than a casual interest. The Kendall Academy of Golf was founded in 1997, with a mission to help golfers to learn to play better golf through better understanding. Through the years our Academy Coaches have helped golfers to create many great stories of success with their games. We hope to continue to be a resource for those who would like to understand how to improve their game for years to come. Although, we are very proud of our past, we believe we can do more to help those who would like to take on the challenge of going another step further. Over the past year we have done a great deal of research into what approaches give the motivated golfer the best chance at making the greatest step forward in their development as a player. We have looked at our own best success stories to evaluate what approaches helped to make the greatest gains in performance. Additionally, through our relationship with Golf Channel Academy, we have had the opportunity to share ideas with other industry leaders in Golf Instruction and Coaching.

In critiquing ourselves we believe we have helped players improve their swing and short game concepts. We also feel that, when given the opportunity, we have helped players to be better problem solvers on the Course. We believe, to get best results, we need to not just teach concepts, but we need to help see to it that players are Coached on a regular basis to see to it that the understood concepts, get acquired by the player. I do not think this Coaching needs to be forever, but to become most competent, a player needs to have a time in their life where they take more than a casual interest. This will help the player to acquire the skills that will not only help them play better but also help them to acquire the ability to better Coach themselves.


A very good way to develop a very good understanding of golf swing and short game concepts would be through a Series of lessons. For new students it would be recommended that a Series of 5 Lessons be taken before starting a Coaching Program. It would also be recommended that a player who is considering a Coaching Program commit to 3-6 months a year to get lasting results. However, to try a Coaching Program a player only needs to make a one month commitment. Coaching is needed to monitor skill acquisition and transfer of that development from the Range to the Course. 

Coaching sessions are conducted both on the Range, Short Game areas, and on the Course. We believe the missing link between Range performance and On-Course performance would be regular Supervised Practice, Transfer Training, and On-Course Training. A Coaching Program will allow a student to spend many more hours with their Coach (nearly 12 hours/month in this Program), at a much lower hourly rate than Private Instruction (less than $35/hour) in a 4 Player Group. Private Instruction helps a player to acquire the understanding of the skills necessary the improve. A Coaching Program is designed to see to it that those understood skills are acquired.


Each participant will be put into a training group, of 2-3 Players, this is called a Semi Private Group. Each Group meets, Practices together, and receives Coaching,  4 times per month, usually on the same day, at the same time. In a Semi Private Group, following 2 Practices each month, all Players will go to the Course and play 9 holes with their Coach. There will be no golf following the other 2 Practices.  From time to time, the day and/or time may need to be changed. This is due to Coach availability or Course availability. It is assumed that all players will not be able to make all sessions, the pricing is giving the 4th Coaching Session at no charge, therefore we will not be able to guarantee make-up sessions.

Included each month for one monthly fee:

  • 4 – Weekly Coaching Sessions (1 Hour 40 minutes each). All participants will take part in the practice sessions together.
  • 2 – 9 hole rounds, On-Course, with your Coach, and a fellow participant(s)


Adults = $500

Juniors = $450


Adults = $800

Juniors = $750

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