The Kendall Academy of Golf has combined a top-notch Instructor Team with a fabulous venue, Black Diamond Ranch, to create a great golf experience.

A 4-Day getaway that combines great environment, great golf, great fun, and pretty good instruction.

The Schools are designed to be very informative, enlightening, and flexible to the needs of each participant. Our skilled Team of decorated Coaches would love to create a memorable golf experience for each participant in this unique School.

This School may consist of as few as 4 participants with 2 Instructors, to as many as 9 participants with 3 Instructors. Whatever number, the Student to Instructor ratio will be 3:1 or less. 


        This 4-Day School includes

  • 4 Hours of Instruction and Coaching on the Range and Short Game Areas each day
  • followed by Lunch and 18 Holes of Golf On-Course your fellow players and one of the Coaches, each day 

Instructor Team Includes:

  • Dave Kendall, PGA Kendall Academy Founder

  • Lynn Janson, PGA Michigan Golf Hall of Fame

  • Jim Yuhas, PGA Kendall Academy, Director of Instruction

  • Paul Haase, PGA KAcademy, Former MPGA Teacher of the Year

Where: BLACK DIAMOND RANCH, Lecanto, Florida

Quarry Course, Ranch Course, Hillside Course


  • December  28 – 31, 2018    


  • 8 – 12 Range and Short Game Areas
  • 12 – 1 Break for Lunch
  • 1 pm Golf, 18 holes with Players & Coaches

Because the majority of our participants have preferred to make their own lodging arrangements or stay with friends or family in the area, the cost will be without lodging. Although lodging is not included, we will be glad to make recommendations.

College Age and Younger: 4 Day School $1550.

Adult: 4 Day School $1800.


  • 18 hole round of golf per day w/Coaches

  • 4 hours of Range and Short Game Practice and Coaching per day, and Lunch, each day

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